This week, AMBS delivered its first-ever PRME (Principles for Responsible Management Education) Progress Report, since committing to PRME’s Six Principles in 2019. PRME Sharing Information on...
Jul. 20
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Studying for the Global MBA has brought huge personal and professional benefits for Gareth Dooley. Tell us about your background? I studied the Global Part-time MBA at Alliance MBS, graduating in ...
Jul. 12
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Researchers from theHenry Royce Instituteat The University of Manchester’sSustainable Materials Innovation Hub(SMI Hub) in collaboration with Callaly are working together to find alternative sus...
Jul. 07
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Researchers from The University of Manchester and Harvard University have collaborated on a pioneering project in bioengineering, producing metal-free, hydrogel electrodes that flex to fit the complex...
Jul. 02
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The University of Manchester has been named the world’s 27th best university, according to the latest edition of the QS World University Rankings. This meansManchestermaintains its highest ever...
Jun. 30
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by Professor Arif Khurshed Professor of Finance │ Alliance Manchester Business School “At the best of times, financial management decisions will go a long way towards determining the strengt...
Jun. 23
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Infant sharks that live in the familiar mermaids’ purses found on most beaches in the UK and throughout the world are more vulnerable to predation because of ocean warming, new research suggests...
Jun. 22
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Dr. Julian Skyrme, Director of Social Responsibility(SR) at the University was interviewed by Hong Kong Economic Times to share the University SR strategies and how Hong Kong Centre aligns with the SR...
Jun. 10
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Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many of us are facing different kinds of challenges and started new ways to deal with them. Starting from February, we will have different alumni from East Asia region ...
Jun. 09
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A joint venture between graphene specialists at The University of Manchester and alumni-led construction firm Nationwide Engineering has developed a product that could revolutionise the concrete indus...
Jun. 08
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