Researchers fromThe University of Manchesterand theNational Oceanography Centre(NOC) are racing to understand how microplastics are transported to the deep-sea floor in an effort to combat the growing...
May. 21
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Email and smart phones can be stressful. Academics are calling this constant work connection“technostress”. Consequently, many European countries are now offering employees the“right...
May. 15
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Bob Herz recalls once being introduced as having “a more interesting career than any accountant deserves”. He won’t be drawn on what he or his fellow professionals may or may not mer...
May. 14
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When Google promoted a software engineer named Chade-Meng Tan to the role of “Jolly Good Fellow”, his career – and the entire culture of Silicon Valley – took a sharp turn. Me...
May. 09
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New research has found it is not just what you eat, but when you eat that is important, knowledge which could improve the health of shift workers and people suffering from jet lag. The Medical Resear...
May. 03
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A team of researchers led by Dr Nazmul Karim and Prof Sir Kostya Novoselov at The University of Manchester have developed a method to produce scalable graphene-based yarn. Multi-functional wearable e...
Apr. 30
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Ajay is currently working at Japan Petroleum Exploration Company (JAPEX) in Tokyo as the advisor to the chairman and president, a company owned substantially by the government of Japan. This was a rad...
Apr. 26
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A new spectacular jumping spider has been discovered and named in honour of Eric Carle, the famous author of children’s book The Very Hungry Caterpillar. A spider expert at the Manchester Museu...
Apr. 17
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Scientists at The University of Manchester have found small molecules contained in a substance secreted by the skin, known as sebum, that are responsible for a unique scent in people with Parkinson&rs...
Apr. 12
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The University of Manchester ranks as the best higher education institution (HEI) in Europe – and in the top three globally – for its social and environmental impact across its full ran...
Apr. 10
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