The UOM East Asia Centre Student Referral Scheme

Over the years, we have received valuable referrals from our alumni and current students. We appreciate everyone's help in making our family stronger and more diversified. 

As students or alumni, you possess extensive knowledge for identifying individuals with the qualities necessary for success in our Global MBA, MSc Financial Management, and MA Educational Leadership in Practice programmes. If you know a colleague or friend in Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, or Macau who is exploring postgraduate options, please refer them to our admissions team. Our consultants will greet them by email and provide more information about our programmes.

Upon any successful referral, you will be rewarded with a selection of incentives, including two complimentary annual dinner seats or a travel e-voucher worth between GBP 150 and GBP 300*.

*GBP 150 for a MSc FM/MA ELiP referral, GBP 300 for a Global MBA referral.



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