Banks will need to strike balance between technology innovation and risk mitigation. -Technology and data will enable banks to serve customers in a hyper-personalised and automated way, but at the sa...
Nov. 26
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A team of students fromThe University of Manchesterhave won an award for genetically modifying bacteria to produce kinder hair-dyes. The eight students, with academic guidance from theManchester Inst...
Nov. 19
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This article is written as part of#CoveringClimateNow– a global collaboration of more than 250 news outlets to strengthen coverage of the climate emergency. We’re constantly encouraged to...
Nov. 08
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Although most of us can distinguish between and remember hundreds of different faces, some people are better at it than others. “Super-recognisers” can accurately identify faces even when ...
Nov. 06
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365 Response has turned toAlliance MBSto look at how artificial intelligence and machine learning can be integrated into its cloud-based platform. 365 Response started life providing clinical pathway...
Nov. 05
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New facilities in Behavioural Research and Data Visualisation are set to add to our research strengths. As part of the recent redevelopment of our School we wereawarded £9.7m by Research Englan...
Nov. 01
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A new study from researchers atThe University of Manchesterinvestigates the sophisticated network of agents on Twitter who work to distribute fake news during election campaigns. The paper – &l...
Oct. 30
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Researchers from The University of Manchester are using synthetic biology to explore a more efficient way to produce the next generation of bio-based jet fuels – partly made from a type of bacte...
Oct. 22
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Former Manchester City captain Vincent Kompany has been awarded an honorary doctorate by The University of Manchester as it marks its annual Foundation Day, which celebrates the merger of Victoria Uni...
Oct. 16
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Starting his first technology business aged just 14, Professor Vikas Shah MBE is one of the UK’s most high-profile serial entrepreneurs and philanthropists. As well as being an Honorary Profess...
Oct. 14
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