An entrepreneurial academic from The University of Manchester has produced a prototype graphene-enhanced product that could help the UK recycle tonnes of unwanted tyres – a waste product that is...
Jan. 09
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The University of Manchester has received a £2.5million donation to boost the region’s capacity and capability in Financial Technology (FinTech). The donation was made by Greensill, a l...
Dec. 23
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Bristol-based band Massive Attack are partnering with climate scientists atThe University of Manchester’sTyndall Centreto jointly examine the key impact areas of the music industry on the enviro...
Dec. 18
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This October, we held the first Alliance MBS MBA elective in Tokyo and it was a big success. Despite being hit by both a typhoon and an earthquake, the Global MBA team pulled together and the workshop...
Dec. 11
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A move towards a more sustainable bio-based economy has been given a new boost by researchers who have been able to simplify a process to transform waste materials into high value chemicals. A collab...
Dec. 02
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A toxic pollutant produced by burning fossil fuels can be captured from the exhaust gas stream and converted into useful industrial chemicals using only water and air thanks to a new advanced material...
Nov. 28
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Banks will need to strike balance between technology innovation and risk mitigation. -Technology and data will enable banks to serve customers in a hyper-personalised and automated way, but at the sa...
Nov. 26
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A team of students fromThe University of Manchesterhave won an award for genetically modifying bacteria to produce kinder hair-dyes. The eight students, with academic guidance from theManchester Inst...
Nov. 19
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This article is written as part of#CoveringClimateNow– a global collaboration of more than 250 news outlets to strengthen coverage of the climate emergency. We’re constantly encouraged to...
Nov. 08
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