16 Nov.

Graduate employability: top universities in the UK ranked by employers

The best universities in the UK for graduate employability have been chosen by local recruiters.

Universities across the United Kingdom have been chosen by UK companies as the best at preparing graduates for the workplace.

In total 63 universities appear in the UK employability Ranking. Half of the top 10 are London institutions, but overall there is a wide spread of universities from the North to the South.

The University of Manchester beats Imperial, King's and UCL to fourth place, for example, and the top university in Scotland is the University of Edinburgh (in seventh position).

Although the employability survey on which this table is based found that the reputation of UK university graduates has fallen behind that of Germany this year, many universities in the UK are still high on recruiters’ priority lists.

The global ranking is compiled using the votes of local recruiters and directors of international companies, while the UK ranking uses only the votes of local recruiters.

The survey has been running for six years as a collaboration between human resources consultancy Emerging and employment research group Trendence. It is published exclusively by Times Higher Education.

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