We are very proud to have the best and brightest students with us for a hybrid Pre-MBA orientation session. Thanks to students who joined online from Japan, South Korea and Taiwan! The University of ...
Dec. 18
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The MBSAA Christmas Party (Hong Kong chapter) was successfully held on Dec 8 by our Alumni Association. The night was filled with delicious food, fine wine and exciting festive games. Unbeatable in-pe...
Dec. 08
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Sincerely grateful to everyone who attended our Career Talk - "Getting Ready for 2023" on Nov 29, organised by the University of Manchester East Asia Centre. This is a much-awaited face-to-f...
Nov. 29
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Congratulations to the Manchester Business School Alumni Association China (MBSAA China) and the Organising Committee for an outstanding gala dinner celebrating its 18th Anniversary at Conrad Hong K...
Oct. 28
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20 MBSAACN members, friends and families joined the DIY leather workshop where they can learn basic techniques and try their hand at leather making, creating a special gift for yourself or loved ones,...
Aug. 28
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The East Asia Centre always strives to provide networking opportunities to our students and alumni. With loosened covid restriction – the East Asia Centre hosted a cross-intake gathering to pro...
Aug. 26
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It has been almost 3 years of suspended the face-to-face gathering and finally, we made it! The East Asia Centre organised a Summer Networking party on the evening of 19 July. Over 90 alumni and ...
Jul. 19
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We are honoured to have ourManchester Global MBA alumna,Ruby O to discuss‘Food Sustainability from a Hospitality Perspective’. Ruby is aDirector of Environmental, Social and Governance (ES...
Jun. 29
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The Hong Kong PreMBA Face-to-Face and Online session were held successfully on 22 and 23 Jun 2022. During the session, our MBA ambassadors shared their study tips and hints to graduate in distinctionw...
Jun. 23
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Artificial intelligence (AI) is crucial to innovation and business growth in today’s digital world. Digital transformation has accelerated during the pandemic. According to a 2021 World Economic...
Jun. 01
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