Past events
The first 2019 summer networking party in the East Asia region was held in Tokyo on 8 June! It was a fruitful night for the attendees with fun games originating from both Japanese and British culture;...
Jun. 08
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Facebook Hong Kong HQ has been relocated to a new office this week in order to provide a better working environment for their employees. In addition, the organization will improve their hardware to pr...
May. 23
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Fashionable furniture and designer chairs created an appropriately sophisticated and refined ambience for this wine masterclass led by the MBS Alumni Association and sponsored by Mr. Martin Keil, the ...
May. 17
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The Cross-Intake Reunion is back! Organized by Student Representatives, Anthony Mak and Stephanie Hui, for congratulating the Global MBA Class of 2019 and welcoming the January 2019 intake, a party wa...
Apr. 27
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All the University of Manchester stakeholders wish to own a bright profile. LinkedIn is one of the most effective platforms for them to shine on. On 9 April, Manchester Univ stakeholders visited the...
Apr. 09
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In this semester, the Senior Career Consultant Ms. Naomi Blackwell from the Global Career Services team in Manchester visited Hong Kong to provide career support including 1-2-1 consulting sessions an...
Mar. 20
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A very successful Leadership Seminar was held in Tokyo on 14 March 2019. Our speaker, Mr. Ajay Singh, is a senior alumnus from the Full Time MBA program. With over 20 years of experience working in di...
Mar. 14
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Professor Patrick McNutt is not only a visiting fellow at Alliance Manchester Business School but also a Behavioural Economist with an international reputation. On 5 March, he delivered an insightful ...
Mar. 05
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On 3 Mar, over 30 alumni and students of East Asia Centre formed themselves into 8 teams including family and friends to participate in the ‘On Track to Save – MSF Orienteering Competition...
Mar. 03
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Manyorganizations have tried various methods to attract and maintain customers. Most recently, some of them have tried using ‘scent’ as a component of their marketing strategy, to influenc...
Feb. 20
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