For the new batch of students, induction took place at hotel—a mix of academics and fun in which students met with the Manchester Global MBA Associate Programme Director, followed by a team-buil...
Jul. 16
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The annual reunion party was also organized in July at OBICA Mozzarella Bar, celebrating the amount of talent that the school has attracted so far.
Jul. 09
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The Cross Intake Student Party took place again at Pacific Club in July. The Club again proved an excellent venue choice, with its state-of-the-art sporting facilities and stunning skyline views.
Jul. 08
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In order to welcome the new cohort to the Manchester Global MBA community, a Pre-MBA informal gathering was held this July, an occasion where students got to meet with coursemates and alumni members. ...
Jul. 07
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Next up, at the Pre-MBA gathering, students—hailing not only from Japan but a host of regions such as Europe, the Americas, Africa and other parts of Asia, built cross-cultural rapport under the...
Jul. 01
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More than 12 people joined the DIY leather workshop where they can learn basic techniques and try their hand at leather making, creating a special gift for yourself or loved ones, as well as learning ...
Jun. 22
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This seminar provided essential mindset and winning tips on how better to create and sustain an ultimate performing team as people managers. Over 40 alumni and students learnt the benefits of positive...
May. 12
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A visit held on 30 April was a great way to learn about activities and structure of HKSTP. After a short presentation from HKSTP we had the opportunity to hear from two successful projects incubated w...
Apr. 30
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A career networking event has been conducted on 20 April for in Hong Kong. An interactive interview session with CFO of DHL Express Asia Pacific, participants heard how he climbed the corporate ladder...
Apr. 20
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This seminar Professor Schell introduced us the pattern of economic growth to maturity observed in the US and Japan in recent decades and compare this experience to the process currently underway in C...
Apr. 19
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