14 Feb.

Executive Education Collaboration

The University of Manchester - Southeast Asia Centre, in collaboration with the East Asia Centre and MBS Executive Education conducted an intensive two-day masterclass on International Negotiations: An International Perspective by Professor Arun Singh, who was in Singapore to deliver this programme at the Southeast Asia Centre over 13 to 14 February.

The 25 masterclass attendees comprised alumni, corporate partners and external attendees from Singapore; as well as alumni who flew in from Hong Kong, Japan and South Korea, further contributing to the dynamism of the interactive workshop, offering regional networking opportunities, and sharing of best practices.

Drawing on the heritage of over 50 years in the internationally-renowned business research and extensive industry experience, MBS Executive Education prides itself on creating bespoke programmes that have a real and lasting impact on business performance. The International Negotiations masterclass was no different, and focused on adapting negotiation and persuasion strategies to suit multicultural environments, gaining insights into the fundamental building blocks of negotiation, empowering participants to leave the programme with tools and techniques that will enable them to close successful business deals, and exceed expectations. 

The attendees gave excellent feedback, rating all key aspects of the workshop (structure, delivery, and programme quality) highly; commending the practical and applicable knowledge gained, as well as the diversity of the participants, and insights shared by Professor Arun Singh.  

Looking forward, we will continue to provide executive education that is academically rigorous and relevant to senior executives’ current careers and their professional aspirations; in collaboration with other Global Centres and MBS Executive Education.