18 Jun.
18 Jun - GMBA Orientation Forum (East Asia)

The PreMBA informal gathering is a tradition in East Asia centre over decades, it aims to welcome the new cohorts to join our big family and to give them some preview of the MBA journey. This year, due to COVID-19 pandemic worldwide we have to cancel the face to face events in Hong Kong, Japan and Korea. However, we also see it as an opportunity for us to reform the structure and to modify it to the next level – the GMBA Orientation Forum.

The GMBA Orientation Forum is an online session that included all the countries in East Aisa region. The forum is a mixture from Centre Introduction to Alumni & current students Sharing.  Not only the forum provides a chance for the new students to have a clear picture of what they will face within the study life, but also the amazing changes in their career development, the professional network even their personal life. New students valued this golden chance to ask various questions, the atmosphere is very lively and didn’t affect by boundaries. 

A fruitful 2-hours orientation forum ended by the enthusiastic Q & A, a special thank goes to the speakers from the region: Noel Bradshaw (Japan), David Leung (HK), Jay Kim(S Korea), Thithiwat May (Japan) and Kirsty Sheppard, Senior Programme Administrator from Manchester.