20 Jun.
20 Jun - Futures of Education for Industry 4.0 and Beyond” Forum

With the aim of discussing how the future of education in Hong Kong and the Greater Bay Area could be reimagined in an increasingly complex, uncertain and technologically advanced world, the “Futures of Education for Industry 4.0 and Beyond” Forum was delivered online on 20 June 2020. Organised by UNESCO HK Association Glocal Peace Centre and sponsored by University of Manchester Worldwide (UMW) Hong Kong, this forum is Hong Kong’s response to UNESCO’s 2019 Futures of Education initiative, which drives dialogues over educational reforms. It is also part of the University’s commitment to social responsibility, as demonstrated by the pledge “We will be recognised globally for the excellence of our people, research, learning and innovation, and for the benefits we bring to society and the environment’,  which in turn aligns with UNESCO’s vision of “building peace in the minds of men and women”.

The Forum, which consists of leaders from the education and business sector as well as those from the wider community, was a resounding success, recording over 420 registrations. Of particular note were sharings and contributions by our Global MBA alumni, Mr. Dennis Shi – CEO of Mojodomo, and Ms Donna Buckland, Finance Director of Prudential Corporation Asia. The former stressed how multidisciplinary skills are needed to stay innovative, while the latter acted as moderator of the panel discussion. Professor Elaine Ferneley, Director of UMW, in a video message, also highlighted how e-learning is instrumental in bettering learning and teaching experiences. Finally, the findings of the “Futures of Education” Hong Kong survey – which shows how Hong Kong people think Industry 4.0 will change the local educational landscape, was announced. All in all, the event not only provided an excellent platform for discussion and debate over the future of regional education, but also cemented the University’s role in pioneering positive changes within the industry, so as to benefit the next generation.