06 Oct.

Tackling Inequalities: Sustainability

Understanding sustainability requires a focus on how people live, how they acquire, use and dispose of goods and services. Crucially, research is now focusing on how innovations can actually promote a much more environmentally friendly lifestyle.

At Alliance Manchester Business School, we challenge orthodox thinking of sustainability by looking beyond individual actors, such as the consumer and the firm and look at how these interactions configure societies.

  • How can accountants integrate climate change risk and sustainable decision making into their financial reporting? A paper co-authored by Professor Brendan O’Dwyer (with Professor Jeffrey Unerman from Royal Holloway and Professor Jan Bebbington from Birmingham) addressed this very question.
  • Alliance Manchester Business School featured prominently in a Financial Times article published this week on the rise of sustainable MBAs. Xavier Duran, the MBA Programmes Director spoke to Andrew Jack about the trend toward more sustainable business education.