11 Dec.
MBSAA - Graduation Photo Booth & Xmas Party

It was an encouraging and unforgettable evening with lots of laughter for everyone. This was not only because of the tasty food, excellent wine and sake, fantastic gifts and lucky draws but also from the nature of the gathering itself and the warm friendship among alumni and students, family and friends!  

For this joyful success, great thanks go to our kind sponsors – Conrad Hong Kong, Beijing Tong Ren Tang Fook Ming Tong Chinese Medical Center, Swarovski CW Supply, Cerruti 1881, The Ritz-Carlton Hong Kong, C Beauty Centre, Ms. Christina Siu, Ms. Fiona Fong and Ms. Linda Law for the lucky draw prizes.

Our alumni – Mr. Martin Keil, partner of Yeh Shen Limited for the party wine, organic juice and lucky draw and Mr. Jeffrey Chan, Director of Suzu Wine Hong Kong Limited for the party sake and lucky draw.  Last but not least, The Coffee Academics for the delicious food.  

Behind the scenes, we got lots of support from the AA Board members and the East Asia Centre for event coordination and preparation.