Nationality - Hong Kong | Japan-based

Daniel Chu

Technology Director

Assurant, Japan

How has the MBA helped you develop your network?

I travelled around the globe attending workshops and met a lot of people. Because of that, I was suddenly invited to join a group of people for the final project. Turns out, I knew some of them in some of the workshops already. 

So MBA helped me meet a bunch of people, who are interested in improving themselves, starting up businesses, and most of us are hungry for success - these are the common interests we shared which may lead to something in the future.
Why should a prospective MBA student consider MBA?
Doing part-time MBA while having a full-time job is never easy. It was tough but fun. I believe it is one of the most fruitful 2-year in my life.
You can find a lot of MBA programmes, which only require you to attend classroom lessons in weekends, yet very low load of efforts required. I know some of my friends can choose not to do any assignment but still got passed. However, is it what you really want?
I chose MBS because I wanted to get something out of the intensive yet professional courses they provide. Amount of workload (assignments, workshops, exams) was reasonable, though not easy. You will make friends in workshops and group projects that make you feel that you are not alone. At the end of the day, I had so much fun. If you want to learn something, you have to invest your time and effort on. There is no shortcut. Pain and gain.
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