Nationality - South Korea | South Korea-based

Ilyoung Hong

General Manager, Le Cordon Bleu Korea Inc.

Representative Director, Le Cordon Bleu Japan Inc.

My MBA journey coincided with a leap forward in my career. Part of the July 2015 intake, in 2016 I was appointed as the representative Director at Le Cordon Bleu Japan Inc. while retaining my core duties as General Manager of Le Cordon Bleu Korea Inc. Studying for my MBA is a feat that is well-recognised by the President of my company, directly leading to my promotion, as well as opportunities to participate in global projects.

I would like to thank Professor Ismail Ertürk in particular, who facilitated my invitation to the Global Gastronomy Summit 2018 in Istanbul, Turkey, where, as a guest speaker, I shared my insights regarding the globalisation of local cuisine.

I credit my study group and my family’s support as essential factors towards my success in balancing work and study.

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