Nationality - Hong Kong | Hong Kong-based

Edwina Lai, System Assurance Engineer, MTR Corporation Limited

Kevin Ma, Assistant Project Manager, Swire Properties Limited

For couple Edwina Lai and Kevin Ma – who come from engineering backgrounds, the Global MBA not only provided opportunities for career progression, but also for bonding. ‘We form our own study group at home, making the process so much effective,’ they say, ‘We also took our 5-year-old boy along with us to other campuses, turning what’s purely a studying session into family time.’

Both professionals found the programme deeply rewarding. ‘It challenged our ways of thinking through its global approach,’ they say, ‘Through collaborating with fellow students from different backgrounds, we learnt to appreciate diverse cultural points of view.’ In particular, Ma finds himself applying cultural lessons learnt during the degree to his job: ‘The programme has inspired me to build trust with partners from other parts of the globe, which is essential to my current work on overseas property development projects.’

Both graduates extolled the practical nature of the programmes - many lessons are directly applicable to management and decision-making. ‘This MBA is indispensable in broadening our knowledge base and paving the way for future career advancement,’ they say. Lai has now expanded into risk management within her job, while Ma is currently responsible for managing Asia-Pacific property developments. 

For them, the journey has been a family commitment. ‘Our gratitude goes out to our loved ones for taking care of our baby boy during the most hectic of days,’ says the couple. Truly, the MBA has brought them closer together as a family unit.




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