Nationality - Japan | Japan-based

Marie Nakamura

HR Director

Walmart Japan

This stellar programme left me not only with solid business knowledge, but also ample practical skills. The MBS creed of ‘learning by doing’ was on full display – field research and business simulation exercises form an integral part of every module. It also helped me build confidence, proactivity and toughness – from being quite shy in group discussions, I grew to enjoy offering my opinion whenever it was needed! The biggest merit of this course, for me, though, is its flexibility—I could learn while working. I don’t have to risk my current job or my family life in order to succeed in the programme. In fact, I actually got married, gave birth to my child, changed job and moved house all within the timespan of the degree! This is just proof positive that the MBS Global MBA can afford adjustment to every individual situation. I therefore strongly recommend the course to anyone wishing to take their career to the next level.

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