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Yasuto Shirataki


United Health Communication Co,. Ltd.

I chose Manchester Global MBA since its flexibility of module that enable for busy people like me to manage both academy and current work.

Of course, the fact that Manchester Business School is globally renowned business school is another reason why I chose this school.  

I could learn the on-going reality of international business through case study and workshops. Workshop will help me capture these ideas not only from lecturer but also colleagues through discussion on case studies.

In addition, students are allowed to join workshop in the different locations which enable to learn local culture and business in a great deal. In this case, I could figure out which countries are more suitable to go as a first step of internationalize my business, what is the ideal mode of entry, and so on.

Colleagues at MBS is such a precious network for me. We help each other not only achieve academic performance but also real business. My colleagues introduced me potential customers and business partners so far.

I could apply useful theories and flame works to my current business. As a CEO, I have to take care of all of aspect of the business such as building and executing strategies, financing, accounting, human resource management, and so on.  According to skills I could gain from MBA, they are not only about coping current situations I face but also they help understand and prepare what is going to happen in the future.

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