Nationality - Hong Kong | Hong Kong-based

Sam Keung

Regional Business Development Manager


Founding my career on engineering, I realised I needed to beef up my business skills to turn a new page of my career as a front-line manager.

Regarding my learning experience of this MBA programme, the value of attending intensive workshops overseas in broadening my horizons were highlighted. Since I started the programme, I was given the opportunity to relocate to other countries and setup sales and marketing strategies for each of the countries in Asia Pacific region. Apart from studying abroad in the Singapore center, I also visited Shanghai and gained eye-opening experience. One of the workshops taught students how to do business in China and how to deal with Chinese business partner by adapting their work culture and usual practices.

This MBA programme gave me a chance to work and team up with international people. During my live business consultancy project, I worked together with a group consisting of Indian, American, Swiss and Hong Kong people. This is a truly diversified team. 

The Manchester Global MBA is a well-balanced programme with adequate amount of theoretical knowledge, case studies and interesting electives. It equipped me with the new skills that I seldom need being an engineer, such as corporate strategy and negotiation. I am still applying the skills that I learned today!

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