Nationality - Hong Kong | Hong Kong-based

Linda Law

General Manager - Operations & Development

I never considered any other MBA programme, Manchester Global MBA was my only choice because of the programme’s accreditation, flexibility and reputation.

Ever since I started my MBA, I realised that the theories combined with practical business cases and practices had helped me a lot in my daily decisions and presentations. Manchester method and "Learning by Doing" is truly a positive impact on my career.

Proud of my experience and exposure gained from my career, I had never expected I would benefit that much from the programme. The programme changed my thinking process and taught me to apply the academic theories and applications to my day-to-day work. It works for both business-related and people-related issues. My work has never been as smooth as now as before! 

I also praise the global facing programme and the connection it brought. There is no doubt that the programme expanded my international network on a large scale. Apart from making friends, we also share market intelligence, business insights and values that are so important to everyone in the business world.

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