Nationality - Hong Kong | Hong Kong-based

Jenny Hui

General Manager (HK & Taiwan)


For busy executives and management-level associates, it is difficult to squeeze time to attend daily or weekly classes while striking a balance between work, family and study. The flexible mode of study in the Manchester Global MBA hence is a huge advantage as it allows me to study at my own pace and design my own specialist electives.

It was never easy to handle career, family and study at the same time but I was quite fortunate that my boss and family were very supportive of me taking the MBA programme. As the course materials can be downloaded from internet easily, I always carry my tablet and reading notes with me whenever I go. It enables me to fill the gap time during transportation and other activities to catch up on the readings. 

The diversity is the best part of the programme and a key reason why I chose the programme. The networking experience with people from worldwide was fabulous!

I truly appreciate the hardship and stress the workshop and coursework have given to us as it helps us to learn to deal with difficulties and look for ways to resolve it. The programme has helped me to further develop my logical thinking and analytical skills, it helps me to analyse issues from a macro view and it also inspired me to think out of the box and look for innovative ways to solve issues.

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