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Ronnie Ip

Head of Audit, Greater China, Managing Director


Knowledge is limitless 

Currently the Head of Audit, Greater China and Managing Director of DBS, Ronnie Ip has long worked amongst the upper echelons of international investment banks, where he was put in charge of Asian operations. But he insisted on further studies – in 1999, he graduated from MBS’s MBA program, all the while motivating himself with Paul Arden’s book, It's Not How Good You Are, It's How Good You Want to Be, spurring himself onto greater heights.

Ronnie explains that he chose MBS’s MBA program largely because of the school’s ranking and its reputation for stellar teaching. At that time he was often away on business – the flexible approach to lessons, therefore, was perfect for his schedule. ‘The curriculum was very forward-looking, with a slant towards global economics. It inspired me plenty, and also helped me gain much in terms of monetary and financial knowledge. At the same time, students were drawn from corporate levels of many different industries – when we converse, we often come up with different viewpoints, which was very invigorating for the intellect.’

Expanding professional circles, Putting lessons to practical use 

Ronnie points out that lessons not only widened his professional circle, but were also great for practical use – they helped enhance his problem-solving skills. In particular, he had the best impression of the modules Organization Behavior and Human Resources Management, which focused on the teaching of soft skills. The reason for this was thus - before Ronnie joined DBS Hong Kong, he had never come into contact with retail banking operations. When he joined seven years ago, he was immediately put in charge of reorganizing and enhancing internal audit structure and efficiency, in order to align with the development of Greater China operations, and in order to raise team efficiency and co-operation. The management skills he gained from the MBA, therefore, came in extremely handy.

At present, Ronnie’s internal audit team is supporting DBS’s 6000-strong team in the Greater China region. ‘As the head of department, the key is to retain and reward talent, thereby developing staff’s greatest potential. In this respect, the MBA program has inspired me no end. Also, when it comes to making operational decisions, it has also proven useful.’ Ronnie believes that learning environments can change a person’s attitude towards attaining success – such was the power of the MBA. At the same time the program has gathered together many executives from different industries - under their influence, all students were inspired to achieve no less than the very best in their career goals. Similarly, in the same spirit DBS is determined to become the best – to succeed as Asia’ No. 1 choice for retail banking.

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