Nationality - Korea | Korea-based

Sin Eh Han

Senior Manager

SK Holdings

After working for 11 years as an IT engineer, I am now the Senior Manager of SK Holdings. In searching for the optimum managerial programme to broaden my horizons, I discovered that Global Part-time MBA stands out as having the most flexible and practical framework among all the MBA programmes in the UK and the US.

What I like about this MBA programme is its flexible mode. Given that the programme combines online and offline studying methods, I don’t have to worry about career discontinuity, and can adjust my schedules to catch up with the syllabus.

I am also impressed with the fact that the professional academic faculty comes with a wealth of practical experience. The professors brought live business cases into the classroom, and presented us with real challenges as distinct from text book exercises.

Spanning across the globe, the School also tries to sustain a variety of specialties and cultural backgrounds in its students. The visits to other centres over the world gave me the opportunities to delve deeper into their culture than by just visiting as a tourist.

In the meantime, I have to date finished nearly half of the workshops in my base centre, Hong Kong. And based on my personal experience, the Hong Kong staff work serve as an effective bridge between local and international students and the school office in the UK.

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