Nationality - Canada | Taiwan-based

Charlie Chen

Vice General Manager

TUV Rheinland

I trained initially as an engineer but soon transitioned into management and sales; however, with fast paced competitive work environment I felt the need to brush up on the fundamentals of the business and management skills. In order to do well and make advancements in my career towards executive management, I was therefore keen to pursue an MBA.

Manchester Global MBA provided the perfect opportunity with its global and prestigious programme, flexible study schedule and Business study from a European perspective.

The programme benefited me both in terms of network expansion and acquisition of practical business skills. There were plenty of occasions where I applied what I learned from MBS directly to my work place – e.g., making business plans for new product market launches and form strategies to counter competition. Ultimately, the most precious lesson I took away from my Global MBA experience is it enables me to think more thoroughly and holistically and leap beyond the confines of the box!
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