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Patrick Pun


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Patrick Pun, famed stock market analyst and currently Chief Investment Officer at Astrum Capital, shared with readers his thoughts on picking the right MBA for self-enhancement. In Patrick’s eyes, it is the University of Manchester’s long, rich history and strong research capabilities that sets its MBA apart from others in town. Like many  financial elites in the region, Patrick is attracted by the  programme’s illustrious place on the rankings table as well as its free and flexible workshopping schedule, which allows students to choose from over 6 global metropolises for study. Having gone into the programme in order to sharpen his already-strong business acumen, Patrick believes that the programme stimulated him no end intellectually, giving him not only further tools towards everyday management, but also allowing him to make better financial predictions. He said: ‘When a programme enters the “Hall of Fame”, one knows that there must be a reason for that. MBS’s Global MBA can be compared to blue chips on the stock market—because of its solid inherent qualities,  it’s a no-brainer to opt for it when investing in self-enhancement.’

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