Nationality - Australia | Hong Kong-based

Paul Blanc

National Sales Director

Provet Holdings Limited

Why did you choose to do an MBA?

I came from an Organic Chemistry background into the commercial side of pharmaceuticals. I wanted to add formal learning to the business skills I had acquired. I am also ambitious so I saw an MBA as a way to differentiate myself and advance my career. Finally, the chance to develop a strong network of like-minded business people was an attraction.

How have the programme's international aspects benefitted you so far?

I like the flexibility the programme gives me - I am not bound geographically to the UK. If I receive a new position in another country, I can continue my studies.

Have you applied the skills you have learned on the programme in the workplace?

Yes! I have started presenting my investment proposals to management with net present value and debated with the finance director what our weighted average cost of capital is. I have developed a broader understanding of various business functions and learnt to speak their "language".

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