Nationality - Hong Kong | Hong Kong-based

William Lee

Head of Finance & Procurement

New World Property Management Company

William Lee had previously taken on various financial management roles within the Greater China region.

'I believe that the Global MBA courses, with their practical, workshop-based approach, were integral to my career advancement. I attribute my recent successes to the valuable academic knowledge gained from MBA study, as well as the expansion of my social and professional networks. I also enthuses about the high table seminars hosted by MBS Alumni Association, where I gained insight into a variety of subjects, from private equity to M&A. Along the way, I also managed to earn some CPDs. These days, the alumni network enriches my professional life no end - my classmate who is in the property industry introduced me to his Greater China manager, who gave me a one–day tour of Tianjin, in order to understand the property market there. Many valuable networking opportunities were thus built amongst the alumni.’
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