Nationality - Japan | Japan-based

Masahiko Mizutani

Business Development Manager


I decided to take an MBA course because it provides an opportunity for students to participate in international conferences as well as to interact with global executive representatives. Moreover, I thought I would be able to use the methodologies and theories learned through the MBA courses in my current work. Thus I decided to take an MBA course. 

I chose Manchester Business School for its reputation, course contents and student support facilities. It was also partly because a good friend of mine strongly recommended MBS to me.
The MBA program met my expectation as it provided me an opportunity to interact with classmates from different countries and participate in workshops. Furthermore, I was able to gain some first-hand information of different private industries around the world, through interacting with other students, it was possible to discover new business opportunities.
For the advantages, I think distance learning program allows a larger flexibility to maintain a work-life-study balance. Also, the financial burden for a part-time MBA is smaller compared to the full-time MBA. Moreover, I was able to apply what I have learned in my current work. Another benefit of this course is to have opportunities to interact with other students with international perspectives through workshops. Therefore I would definitely recommend this course to those who want to gain practical skills and knowledge.
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