Nationality - Germony | Japan-based

Ferdinand Spannan

Managing Director


I went for an MBA for multiple reasons, chiefly to network on a global scale and to further my career possibilities. Manchester Global MBA appealed to me primarily because it has attained three accreditations, a rarity amongst business schools, and because regional centers allow for a truly global program. What I really loved about the degree is the high level of cultural diversity—I studied at all international centers except Miami and Sao Paulo, and I had great experiences as to how individual centers such as Singapore, Hong Kong, China, Dubai and Manchester approached education, teamwork and collaboration. Overall, it’s a highly practical degree—I found the ‘Manchester Method’ of fact-based analysis coming in extremely handy when I’m trying to take the lead on a subject within my company. Perhaps the most valuable lesson I took away from my experience at MBS is this: the sky's the limit when it comes to your own personal development, whether as a manager or as an entrepreneur!

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