Nationality - Ireland | Japan-based

William Brady

Director, Supply Chain Quality

Moog Inc

William has an engineering and project management background and has worked in Asia Pacific (Japan and Singapore) since 1994. He is currently the general manager of the Japan operations of Moog Inc, an American firm listed on the NYSE (

Why “Manchester Global MBA”
I chose the Manchester MBA because of its accreditations, the course structure (engineering stream, interesting subjects), and the method of delivery (distance learning, workshop component, regional centers in HK, Singapore, Shanghai etc). There are not so many MBA course options for people resident in Japan, but the Manchester MBA structure is very flexible and allowed me to balance my studies with busy work and family commitments. I have subsequently recommended the Manchester MBA to my colleagues for these same reasons.
Which module do you like best? Why?
Most modules were interesting but I probably enjoyed the Finance module the most because it was one of my first (higher levels of initial enthusiasm I guess), and the module director was a real character who made the subject compelling and the workshop very interesting. He gave me a passion for Business Finance – which as an engineer I never thought would be possible.”
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