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Bernard Wu

Managing Director of Private Equity

Agricultural Bank of China

Bernard Wu was a seasoned accountant in 1997 when he decided to pursue an MBA to shift his career into higher gear as a financial professional. Having worked for Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu, a Big Four accountancy firm, Bernard had gone on to middle management positions in the finance and treasury departments of several listed companies in Hong Kong. After his MBA, he became a corporate financier who advises major companies on acquisitions and divestments as head of corporate finance at the major Taiwan-based securities house.

Today, he’s the Managing Director of Private Equity, Agricultural Bank of China - ABCI Investment Management. He is also the President, The Taxation Institute of Hong Kong and the Chairman, ACCA Hong Kong. “Apart from the programme itself, the most important benefit is having a network of classmates and other MBS alumni. This is the most important asset I gained from my MBA,” Bernard said. “It’s been very important for me to have relationships I wouldn’t have had through normal business contacts or socialising. When I recently attended an MBS function, I met nearly 200 graduates. It was a great opportunity to meet alumni and students in other regions and extend my contacts and network in a very natural way.”

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