Nationality - Hong Kong | Hong Kong-based

Alan Kwan

Director, Head of Ratings Business & Product Management, Asia Pacific

S&P Global Ratings

By choosing an MBA programme, I was able to develop a solid knowledge base for financial issues and financial markets. This enables me now to effectively promote my company's financial products and services. In my current work, I am more than able to speak the same financial language as my clients and I no longer feel alien in my discussions with them.

The diversity - I wanted to expand my scope of thinking from other industry perspectives. The biggest reward is the opportunity to work with fellow students from different cultures and backgrounds on the MBA programme. It is common to work with a group of project managers, engineers, accountants, marketing professionals and IT system analysts in the workshop environment.
The Manchester Global MBA has a demand for high quality, persistence and self-discipline. It is definitely not an easy programme but requires a lot of hard work balancing study, work and family. However, the satisfaction and learning experience is phenomenal. If you are looking for an easy free-riding MBA, then the Manchester Global MBA is definitely not for you - but if you are looking for life-enriching experience with superb networking opportunities with students from all over the world, then definitely join the Manchester Global MBA. It's one thing I would never regret doing in my life.
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