Nationality - Hong Kong | Hong Kong-based

Eric Chan

General Manager, Knowledge Management Development,

Hutchison Global Communications

With an engineering degree from the University of London and qualified as a UK chartered engineer, Eric was at a point in his career when he was evolving from an engineer into a senior executive in a highly competitive industry. Getting an MBA was exactly the right move and MBS was his choice.

Eric jumped at the chance when MBS began offering an MBA programme in Hong Kong. “MBS had always been in my mind. I was pretty excited to learn that they started the programme in Hong Kong. I grabbed a couple of my friends, and the three of us enrolled in the programme.”
For Eric, the MBS connection brings more than prestige and a link to the academic world and other MBS alumni. It’s a chance share real-life examples and experiences, for example with current MBS students. “Even after you graduate, it’s always great that you get to update your management thinking and practices and get to hear from gurus from overseas and here in Hong Kong,” he said.
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