Nationality - Japan | Japan-based

Takeshi Kameda

Sales Director

K.MECS Co., Ltd

What was your career history before the Global MBA?

Our company is own family owned small enterprise which is established by my grandfather 60 years ago. I am in charge for Sales director as 3rd generation of the company. I started IT industry and in charged for 5 years IT industry. And, move to current company which is industrial component trading firm 10 years ago.
Why did you choose to do an MBA?
Our company has long tradition and stable business basis but global economy is difficult to foresee and past experience is not guaranteed to apply for future. I wanted to study systematic business methodology to make my decision foundation.
What was your biggest achievement on the programme?
Workshop was so much exciting for practical knowledge and skill establishment. This international experience is precious asset for me. Each venue has different cultural context which enables my internationalization.
How has the MBA helped you develop your network?
My business segment is niche market so our network was limited. MBS has many industries and I found many experiences are inter-exchangable which can lead general answer to resolve daily issues.
How has your career developed since the Global MBA and how did the programme contribute to this?
The largest advantage of Global MBA is we can apply studying knowledge immediately on current ongoing business so we can study on live. Many assignments are about analyzing & reflecting current business how we can apply theoretical frameworks and dilemmas. Our studying is not theoretical on-desk study but also empirically study using on real case.
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